Toxic Leadership And Climate Defines The Critical Leadership Problem Within 4th Abct

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Beau S. Vomastic
Developing Organizations and Leaders Exam
24C, L100 Leadership Essay

Toxic leadership and climate defines the critical leadership problem within 4th ABCT. In conjunction, a lack of care for Soldiers and their families, favoritism, SHARP issues, and hazing have caused a unit to lose all trust in the previous Command Team. To combat these issues I will develop and implement my vision and a way ahead for the BCT using the 7 Step Model. Furthermore, I will focus on specific portions of the Rocket Model, Organizational Culture “Iceberg”, and correcting the Five Dysfunctions of a Team to solve the problem.
Framing the Problem with 4th ABCT/Initial Assessment: There is a multitude of issues preventing the 4th ABCT from becoming one of the best BCTs in the division. However, I quickly realized in my assessment that this is directly linked to the previous command team. Therefore, the climate has become extremely toxic to the point where primary staff officers are ready and willing to resign their positions. The BCT is over worked, overloaded, and poorly led by its leaders causing an increase in DUIs, domestic abuse, and multiple divorces. Furthermore, there is a lack of commitment to the men and women within the BCT from their leaders, which stems from the poor ideals portrayed, threw the previous BDE CDR and CSM. Moreover, hazing, favoritism, and sexual misconduct have driven a deep divide within the BDE. One of the key components…
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