Toxic Leadership

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Most often throughout the military negative leadership occurs within organization regardless of ranks and unit structure. The most common negative leadership that is displayed amongst leaders is toxic leadership. Army leaders accept the responsibility to develop and lead others to achieve results.
A recent survey done by the United States Army confirms what most knowledgeable and professional
NCOs already know – toxic leadership destroys units’ morale and leads to highly qualified Soldiers leaving the Army. A survey of more than 22,630 Soldiers from the rank of E-5 through O-6 and Army civilians showed that roughly one in five sees his or her superior as “toxic and unethical,” while only 27 percent believe that
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General Dempsey stated “ten years of continuous operations have strained the force”. He also stated
“It’s important to remember that the vast majority of leaders in the Army are very good and are deeply committed to leading our nation’s sons and daughters.” The recent military draw down and continuous operations has resulted in a lot of followers are being left behind and the true leaders are continuing
Their life in the civilian world due to the inaffectablility to adapt with the changes amongst the military and troops. We should not settle or accept second-best; even if just a portion of our leaders aren’t performing. We need to take a look at it, because leadership produces more leaders and not more followers. According to recent reports, toxic leaders commonly exhibit these behaviors: avoiding subordinates, behaving aggressively toward others, denigrating subordinates, hoarding information, hoarding job tasks, blaming others for their own problems, being overly critical of work that is done well, and intentionally intimidating others. They also routinely see their subordinates as disposable instruments rather than people, have a destructive personality or interpersonal skills that are detrimental to the command climate, and appear motivated primarily by self-interest. The point that I have absorb from this report is toxic leadership should not be confused with
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