Toxic Leadership Reflection

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Toxic leadership can have a considerable affect on the ability of a unit to conduct their mission. Toxic leadership often leads to low motivation and poor performance standards within a unit. In a survey conducted in 2003, students of the U.S. Army War College also designated three key indicators of toxic leadership: an apparent lack of concern for the well-being of subordinates, a personality or interpersonal technique that negatively affects organizational climate, and a conviction by subordinates that the leader is motivated primarily by self-interest. (Reed, 2004) I will compare these traits to my most memorable experience with toxic leadership.

Approximately two years ago, I had a battalion commander who, in my opinion, fit the description of a toxic leader. Many of the members of my unit had worked with this individual
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In my situation, our unit had just returned from a six-month deployment to the Philippines. As with all long deployments, block leave was scheduled about a month after we returned. Our battalion commander did not allow key leaders (18A, 180A, or 18Z) to take the full allotted time for block leave, limiting them to one week, and also did not authorize them to travel away from the immediate area. His justification was that if a mission were to come down the leaders were required to be there to handle it. Although two of the three leaders on my detachment did not plan on taking leave or traveling away from post, the fact that the policy was even made was caused a negative impact on not only the leadership, but also the other members of the detachment. He also had an unofficial policy on awards, that they would be based off of rank rather than performance. Although he never directly stated to the unit, word did get around and it had a negative impact on the motivation of the members of the
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