Toxic Tacos? the Case of Genetically Modified Foods Essay example

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This case is about the usage of genetically modified foods and up till today, this problem is continuing. It was stated that Taco Bell was accused of using StarLink corn (a type of genetically modified corn) in their taco shells. The StarLink had been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that it is safe for animal but not human consumption. From the time when this case happens, the public started to be aware of the possible dangers of genetically modified foods. Other than that, the prices of corn start to decline. This case had generated debates about genetically modified foods.

There are two groups that shares different views about genetically modified food. One of the groups is the proponents of genetically
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Otherwise, it can be that Taco Bell does not consider the ethical dimension of decision making; meaning that Taco Bell uses the genetically modified corn without realizing that it will have a negative impact on their consumers. It is ascertain that Taco Bell did not adopt a moral approach. It is because they did not conform to a high level of ethical behavior nor did they conform to professional standards. If they did, Taco Bell will examine the corn before it is used; they should search out if it is possible to cause harm upon others.

There are ethical issues in the area of technology. One of the key issues is technological determinism. Technological determinism indicates that what can be developed will be developed. Those people that work with technology are driven to push the boundary of technology development without the thinking about the ethical issues. In this case, Taco Bell had made use of technology in their business without thinking about the ethical factors. They made use of StarLink genetically modified corn to make the corn resistant to pests. Taco Bell us genetically modified corn in their product without thinking about the side effects that it will have on human health. They are being unethical as although the genetically modified corn contain a foreign protein that is probably safe for human consumption, it has some of the chemical characteristics of a human allergen which can cause anything from a mild allergic reaction to
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