Toy Guns Are Bad Essay

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Most young boys grow up playing with army toy guns. And while a lot of parents realize it is harmless to let children have fun playing with toy guns, some think it is a bad idea.

There are valid points on either side, but regardless of the controversy, manufactures still make toy guns and parents still buy them for their kids.

If you tend to think that army toy guns can be a bad idea, but your child still wants one, then perhaps consider a model that doesn't look genuine. There are many models that are no doubt toy looking even from a distance. Some of these army toy guns are made in bright colors and obviously distorted shapes.

While some incidents have happened where a toy gun was mistaken for a real gun, these are fortunately not very often. There are many toy guns though that could not be mistaken for the real thing and these include water squirt guns that you can let your kids play with in the summer.
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Caution your child not to bring such a toy to school or to play with it outdoors. This will keep your child from getting used to carrying a gun, and it will keep them from pretending to shoot actual people in the real world. The gun will be out of sight and out of mind, and it will be less likely that they will associate using a gun as a regular part of life.

You don't have to frighten them but take the time to talk to your children and make them realize the difference between real guns and army toy guns. Tell them that the real thing can cause great harm and not to play with them. Let them know that play guns are different but they still have to be treated with respect.

And obviously you should never let the kids play with real guns unless you are directly supervising them in how to handle the real thing properly. You should keep the real guns locked up when not in use. With some supervision and common sense, army toy guns can be an enjoyable part of your kids
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