Toy Observation Paper

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I decided that for this assignment that I would go to Walmart and observe their toy department. I chose this retailer simply because it was convenient, and it supplied a wide variety of toys for me to observe. Before I went to the toy aisle, I found myself reminiscing about my trips to the toy aisle. When I was a young girl the toy aisle was a pink wonderland. From what I can recall, all the packaging for girl toys were pink and violet whereas boy toys were blue and green. The former girl aisle mainly consisted of Barbie’s, Polly Pocket toys, Littlest Pet Shop toys, baby dolls, stuffed animals, and kitchen playsets. I do not remember much about the boys’ aisle except that there were a lot of toy automobiles. I also do not remember any gender neutral specific toys; however, that could be due to my age. I was surprised to find that the toy section actually had gender neutral toys. They had outdoor toys like balls, hula-hoops, kites, and jump…show more content…
The boys’ aisle proved that society views men as a muscular, heroic-like figures. Take the superhero figurines. Superheroes are the ideal role-model for little boys, but why? This is because superheroes are valiant, strong, brave men. They generally have the same body type (broad shoulder and muscular). These men also exhibit traits, such as courage, charity, and kindness that makes them a wonderful role-model for little boys. What makes the girls’ role in society to be seen as a nurturing mother-like figure? In the girls aisle you will find a variety of baby dolls, kitchen sets, and a bit of doctor tools. This suggests to young girls that their role in society is to play the role of housewife or doctor. The physical attributes of the dolls, such as the Monster High or Lego Friends dolls, reveals that society deems that women should have a tall, slim figure with plump lips and delicate
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