Toy Of Maine Green Toys Inc.

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Toys “R” Us is a distinct competitor, though it does not compete in the same niche business, so it will be considered an indirect competitor.
How will your products or services compare with the competition? Our products will be of very high quality, locally made, and will have minimal environmental impact. Our competitors will not offer as in-depth a commitment to the “green” aspect of the toys.
In the final column, estimate the importance of each competitive factor to the customer. 1 = critical; 5 = not very important.
Table 1: Competitive Analysis
FACTOR Me Strength Weakness Roy Toy of Maine Green Toys Inc. Importance to Customer
Products Good Quality X “Natural” toys, not necessarily green 100% Recycled, Good Quality 5
Price Higher X Mid-Range Higher 3
Quality High Quality X High Quality High Quality 4
Selection Narrow Selection (potential to grow) X Narrow Selection Broad Selection 4
Service Environmentally Friendly Toys X “Natural” Toys made in the USA Toys from recycled products 3
Reliability Very Reliable, Good Customer Service X Reliable Reliable 3
Stability New Company, Unknown X In business many years In business many years 3
Expertise Inexperienced X Many years of experience Many years of experience 3
Company Reputation None X Long-standing good reputation Long-standing good reputation 4
Location Local, Easy to Reach in Maine X Online Online, also sold in some local outlets 3
Appearance Visually Appealing Product X Website slightly lacking visually…

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