Toy Reflection

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The next 27 minutes of the narrative follow Josh’s job at MacMillan, which he pursues because of his interest in both computers and toys, and succeeds at because of his particular inclination in the work. In the complicating action Josh starts at a data processing job in the company, doing the same text entry on a computer screen that the film started with but in this instance not for play. Despite being a company that creates toys, Josh’s workplace is shown to be entirely devoid of play upon his arrival. His outfits continue to point him out as more jovial than the adults, with colors and graphic patterns that no one else is seen wearing. Within the complicating action Josh goes from his initial processing job to “Vice President in charge of Product Development,” or as he explains to Billy, “I play with all of this stuff and then I tell them what I think.” In accordance with this, his office is full of toys strewn across the room like they would be in his bedroom, and he is frequently shown to be fiddling with something even while his coworkers clearly expect him not to. He acquires this job because of his noteworthy ability to play, in a scene about halfway into this section. Josh runs into his boss at the toy store, where he encourages the head of the company to play with him on a giant piano in a bonding moment that shows Mr. MacMillan the value Josh can bring to the company. The games that follow Josh throughout his adventure clearly serve as an advantage over his
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