Toy Stimulates The Child With A Great Deal Of Muscle Tone Development

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This toy would facilitate a child with a great deal of muscle tone development. Muscle tone is the amount tension in a muscle during rest.This toy stimulates the child to develop muscle tone though the actions of sitting on the floor in front of the toy, sitting upright on top of the toy, keeping their hands on the handlebars or the lid of the compartment to keep it open and keeping their legs down and on the ground when sitting on the car. To play with this toy while in sitting, either in the front of the car or to the side to play with the buttons on the dashboard, the child needs to maintain an upright posture. This upright posture allows the child to be at the proper eye level and also allows their hands to be at toy level as well. This also applies to when the child is sitting on the toy; for the child to get the most benefit out of the buttons, keys, knob, lever and handlebars, the child needs to be sitting in the upright position on the toy. The child’s muscle tone development can also be encouraged by maintaining a gross grasp on the handlebars as well as extended shoulders to maintain the proper arm position. This also applies when the child must hold the lid of the seat open to place objects inside or to look inside. Lastly, the child must be able to keep their legs stable on either side of the car while sitting on it. Tone is needed for this skill so that the child can maintain their position as well as stabilize themselves. The child could be stabilizing
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