Toy Story : Toy Story

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A epic cinematic creation that will shake you to the core leaving you wanting more every time you watch. When you were a kid did you ever think what your toys did when you left or not playing with them? Well that was answered when this classic hit the big screen Toy Story. It has sprouted multiple sequels and sprouted up so many movies trying to capture what Toy Story has established. The charisma between the cast shows on the big screen every joke or insult leaves you wondering did he mean that? Woody the raged cowboy played by Tom Hanks struggles have you wishing for the best for him with the problems to stay relevant in Andy’s eyes. Buzz the space ranger played by the oh so talented Tim Allen is the new Toy on the block who also has problem’s trying to find out who he is real world just hits him by the end of the movie. Even after 20 years I still go back watching, reciting this movie just smiling remembering the good times I had watching laughing crying. Pixar itself has an incredible story behind it talking about starting from the bottom to become a power house. Toy story was the few movies that have receive one-hundred percent on rotten tomato enough said. I have looked over reviews seeing one’s that I just say exactly to them. One of them written by Samuel Riley “Arguably the biggest film of my childhood. Even today, I return to the film and recite certain lines because they are so iconic or humorous. The voice cast of Tom Hanks and Tim Allen fit the characters of
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