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Corporate Communication Toyota Case Study Question number 1: Read the Toyota case study and answer the following question: Consider the vision articulated by Toyota and its alignment with the company’s image among external stakeholders and the company’s internal culture. Is there sufficient alignment between vision, culture and image? What gaps emerged and how can Toyota address these gaps? When examining the values of a company, one must take into account the different metrics which make up the way that a company is perceived. Vision, Image, and Culture of a company must be aligned in order for a company to achieve an optimal result. When there is a gap in the cohesiveness of these aspects, a company will experience setbacks…show more content…
They strongly believe in sustainable growth and profitability under long term perspective. The Image is the impression that outside stakeholders have of the organization. They has always be considered among the top automotive brands in terms of reliability, quality and long term duration. Toyota has always put the needs of the customers first and made the constant improvement of their vehicles a top priority. But after they announced that has come after a series of products recalls and after recalling 2.3 million vehicles with faults in the accelerator paedal, the image was ruined and the stakeholders were not trusting anymore Toyota 's values. Toyota 's Culture contemplate that every worker, from executive to shop floor, can have the possibility to use its initiative and creativity to experiment and learn. Each team member is a quality inspector, at any during the production process any of them who spot a problem can stop by pulling the “Andon Cord”, which stops the entire assembly line. They try to work with endlless creativity, inquisitiveness and pursuit of improvement, to be practical and avoid frivolity. They strongly believe in the concept of “Kaizen”, the importance of change and improvement, as well as “Keiretsu”, the japanese concept of keeping a close knit network of vendors that continuously learn, improve and
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