Toyota Case Study: The Right Way Forward

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Toyota The Right Way Forward Introduction Toyota is an industry giant and a global innovator in vehicle manufacturing. The company has a customer focused orientation that has served them well. The company is responsive to consumer needs and delivers them with both quality and safety built into their vehicles. One trend that was identified within the company is that Toyota will work to be more responsive to consumer needs in smaller geographical locations. For example, car buyers in India may not have the same preferences as those in the U.S. market and as a consequence a more regional strategy could assist them in developing both markets. The operating environment that the company has to operate in has also become more intense. The level of competition has increased while the global economy experienced a significant downturn. It is likely that Toyota will lose some market share in the developed markets. However, the company can work to offset these in the developing nations. This also supports a more regional strategy in the developing world. Most of the company's product mix that is marketed to developed markets is simply too expensive for consumers in the developing world. Therefore it is necessary for Toyota to continue to customizing their operations to meet the consumers' needs in these quickly growing markets. Consumer Focus Toyota fulfills many consumer niche segments. The most prominent is the Prius and Toyota's general dedication to fuel efficiency. The

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