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The Toyota Company presented this commercial by keeping the audience intrigued as to what’s going to happen to the bank robbers. The music fits perfectly with the commercial. Toyota intentionally made the commercial look unscripted. There’s a bank robbery scene where four bank robbers who came out of the bank to find out that their getaway car has been towed from in front of the bank. The funny part was that not one of bank robbers stood in the getaway car. So the bank robbers decide to run with the money bags around the city to end up stealing a red Toyota Prius parked at a public parking lot leaving behind a money bag and a thank you note for the owner of the car. Toyota presented the car in its entirety from the inside of the car to its gadgets for instance the GPA named Lissa according the robbers. Ethos and Pathos was use in this commercial using audience persuasion and emotional appeal.…show more content…
Toyota won me over with the entire commercial they had the whole nine yards as for cops, news, audience, a game show, and the owner of the brand Prius, loving on the robbers who stole a Prius as a getaway
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