Toyota Company Was Established In The Year 1937. Its Main

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Toyota Company was established in the year 1937. Its main activities are the production of vehicles and sales. With its headquarters based in Japan, Toyota has employed over three hundred thousand employees. Toyota Company belongs to the motor vehicle industry where competition is tight even though Toyota is leading on the number of vehicles being sold on a daily basis. Toyota operates in 51 countries worldwide.
The guiding principles at Toyota include:
• Honoring the spirit of the law and language of each country and carry out fair and open business activities in order to be a good corporate citizen of the universe.
• Respecting the customs and culture of all nations and contribute to the social and economic development through corporate
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Their primary goal for this is to inspire them to manufacture better cars as they compete on any kind of road. They also race to bring adventure, freedom and the pleasure of driving to all people.
Toyota Company is also involved in art contest as a form of reaching out to the global market. They invite children from all over the world to share thoughts about the future of mobility through drawing their dream cars.
Toyota is also involved in sponsoring global street musicians where the winners of the contest are taken on a road trip where they play music in the most unique and amazing places on earth. The global street band of 2015 traveled to New Zealand.
Toyota motor products include; Hybrid, Plug-in Hybrid, Cars, MPVS/Vans, SUVs, Fuel Cell and Commercials. The strategy Toyota uses for marketing is mostly to showcase its different range of vehicles to the market as they also get inspired through the same to manufacture better vehicles. With this method both the clientele and the company benefit from each other.
2.0 Strategic Plan
2.1.0. Toyota’s Global Vision.
The company aims to be a leading product in the industry, while satisfying customers experience through offering innovative products that use advanced technologies and services. The company also seeks to champion the use of clean technology with a bid to keep the environment clean. Moreover, it will engage talents and passions to come up with better
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