Toyota Corporation : The Biggest Car Industry Of The World Of Automotive Industry

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Abstract Throughout evaluation surveys by the consumers, Toyota has always configured the customers love their product because they deliver the reliability in their cars. Even after taking a setback like recalls on some of Toyota’s products, there still has been no hindrance in its sales and it has come back to after fixing all the glitches. Another reason behind Toyota success is that is focused on achieving a long-term business of their customer and it is also committed to delivering the best for the environment. Further in this paper will be discussed the specific primary and secondary markets Toyota targets and also what groups are targeted the most. Overview Toyota Corporations is one of the biggest car manufacturers in the…show more content…
Toyota reveals that the average age of the owner of a Toyota car is 48. Even though the company is trying to attract the young adult the average keeps the target consumer group of an older age. In this part paper will be discussed a group that Toyota wants to attract and that group is young adults. According to Tilin it is reported that that Toyota Scion has been proven to be a very cost effective car for the groups that fall under this category (Tilin, 2003). This is mainly due to the fact that the price of the car is affordable and great on fuel economy. These youngsters are high school seniors, soon to be college freshmen. They’re new to the world of driving and the cars parents drive does not interest them and if they do they are more expensive for parents to finance. Scion among young adults has become a fashion statement that involves high beat music and a sleek looking car which is perfect for party goers. Another reason this group has started to like this car is because of the way it’s been marketed. As mentioned before, when it is time to market any of the new products Toyota launches, they have a very innovative approach and their targeted market is allured by it. It is true great marketing could be very expensive but Toyota has shown to be very effective in marketing their Scion. They achieved their targeted markets of young adults to events that are relevant to
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