Toyota Corporation : The Biggest Car Industry Of The World Of Automotive Industry

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Throughout evaluation surveys by the consumers, Toyota has always configured the customers love their product because they deliver the reliability in their cars. Even after taking a setback like recalls on some of Toyota’s products, there still has been no hindrance in its sales and it has come back to after fixing all the glitches. Another reason behind Toyota success is that is focused on achieving a long-term business of their customer and it is also committed to delivering the best for the environment. Further in this paper will be discussed the specific primary and secondary markets Toyota targets and also what groups are targeted the most.

Toyota Corporations is one of the biggest car manufacturers in the world of automotive industry. Toyota Corporations started in 1937 by Kiichiro Toyoda and it was granted to him by his father. The success of this company has greatly relied on the perception it has created for itself for being the most reliable car manufacturer in the world. Along with the car production this corporation has textile divisions that it inherited. Toyota Corporation was named the leading car manufacture in 2010, and behind this success were the 317,734 stalwart employees.
Potential Customers To make Toyota a continued relevant automobile industry, its production plants have been expanded into the United States for over 25 years (Toyota). Because Toyota is a very famous brand in the United States it must be able to relate to…
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