Toyota Crisis : Management Ignorance

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Introduction Toyota, one of the world 's leading car brands is known for its impeccable production quality and as a pioneer of the automotive industry. Becoming the largest producer of vehicles by surpassing General Motors in 2008, Toyota has become known for its strong business strategy, innovation and manufacturing prowess, priding themselves on quality and long lasting relationships with all they deal with, particularly suppliers. The intellectual capital of the business however was brought into question as their name began to become tarnished with an increasing number of reports of faulty equipment in a large amount of their cars, causing them to recall approximately 9 million cars by the end of the crisis as well as releasing a number of explanations and announcements as to what these issues were attributed to. This report delves into analysing and presenting information based on the case study, Toyota Crisis: Management Ignorance? to reach a logical conclusion for the benefit of the company. Toyota 's scenario of recalling millions of cars brings into question certain aspects of the production and quality of their products and how they control the process of their manufacturing. Quality control is the process of comparing and reviewing the performance of all aspects related to the production of a good or service, generally this boiling down to the Plan, Do, Study, Act or Deming’s PDSA Method (Deming, 2000) of which there are a number of variations and styles,
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