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After studying the equipment maintenance, worker’s training and supervision, logistics and materials handling, and process design and redesign it has been discovered that the key to Toyota’s Production System is understanding that they create a community of ‘scientists.’ Toyota uses a specific system when trying something new out, where they create a hypothesis and then test it. Toyota chooses to follow a scientific strategy so that they are not just doing random trial and error tests while trying to be innovative. All members of the team are encouraged to participate in the production process and it is actually said to stimulate workers and managers to engage in their workplace learning more.
This scientific system grew naturally to what it is today over five decades of manufacturing. It has never been written down, it just happened. The following steps explain the Toyota structure.

Rule 1: How People Work
Toyotas managers know that the details of their company are what’s most important no matter what the job is. The first unstated rule of the Toyota system is that every action is specified. Other companies feel that they are specifying their jobs, but they are actually leaving a great deal of room open for variances in the way the operator does their job. Variations translate into poorer quality, lower productivity, and higher costs. Due to the fact that Toyota operators all follow a well- defined sequence of steps for each particular job, deviation from the

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