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Management Case Study
Hiroshi Okuda in Toyota

Nur Firdous Majid & Jatin Naresh

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Introduction 1

Question 1: Okuda’s Leadership Styles 2 - 4

Question 2: Transactional or Transformational Leader 5 - 7

Question 3: Radical changes When Company Is in a Crisis 8 - 9

Question 4: Charismatic, Visionary and Culturally Consistent with Japanese Practises 10 - 12

Conclusion 13

Reference List 14 - 15

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Hiroshi Okuda, a Japanese leader, became the
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This system changed the ways factories are run worldwide, it was famously known as “the Toyota Way”. This method which was perfected by Toyota enabled on eliminating waste, reducing defects and maximizing flow. Hiroshi Okuda taught this system to many other organizations as he wanted to share his method with world to make it more productive and save resources (Frederick 2004).
Okuda saw the need for hybrid cars long before the world demanded them. He started the engine technology that would allow for the world to have fuel efficiency and zero emission cars. Okuda believe innovation was the way to success, that’s why he introduce to the world is first mass-market petroleum-electric hybrid car, the Prius (Frederick 2004). He believes in making the environment better and cleaner, so he moved forward with is project on inventing the hybrid car the Prius which is immersive popular in the market now. Even celebrities from Hollywood are seen driving them due to their environmental friendly features. Frederick (2004) also states that when many other carmakers were not keen on making hybrid cars as they thought it wouldn’t be profitable but Okuda said that “any carmaker that thinks that hybrid cars are not profitable, should start looking a new line of work”. This is how confident Hiroshi Okuda was with his inventions and products and the Prius is one of their most popular and profitable cars in markets all over the world. Okuda

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