Toyota Motor Corporation: Analysis

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External Analysis of Toyota Motor Corporation Introduction Automotive industry is one of the most competitive, profitable, and fastest growing industries of the world. The uncertainties and challenges present in the external environment enforce them to think beyond their limitations, take risks, and make decisions in strategic perspective (Kurtz & Boone, 2011). Toyota Motor Corporation is one of the top market leaders in the automobile industry of the world with respect to the scale of operations, business network, production, and revenues. Having its operations in all the potential markets of the world, Toyota has to face highly uncertain and severe environmental factors that pose big threats to its operational and financial performance. At the same time, it finds great opportunities in these markets which it can avail to encounter the potential threats and increase its competitiveness in the industry (Toyota, 2012). This paper presents a comprehensive analysis of the external environment of Toyota Motor Corporation by discussing the major opportunities and threats which the company has been facing and the actions which it been taking to exploit the opportunities and encounter the threats. It concludes by discussing whether Toyota is moving in the right direction towards its success or not. Opportunities for Toyota Motors Corporation Joint Ventures: Toyota has a sound financial strength which it can capitalize to grow in the industry and enhance its
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