Toyota Motor Corporation ( Japan )

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Toyota Motor Corporation (Japanese Toyota Jidōsha KK) became the largest automobile manufacturer in the world for the first time in 2008. The company has acquired over 600 subsidiary companies; they specialize in the production of automobiles, auto parts, commercial and industrial vehicles. In 1936 they produced the first Toyota a Model AA Sedan, the company rapidly began to grow but, was faced with an economic crisis after World War II which forced them to stop the production of automobiles. Toyota managed to reopen production factories by the 1950s, they began to research and study on how to improve the production of cars, in fact; they used a lot of fundamental ideas from the Ford Motor Company to develop their production factories and of course, made the designs more efficient. In 1957 Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc., was established, and they released the Toyopet sedan the following year which was a flop due to cost and performance. 1958 a utility vehicle Land Cruiser ended up doing much better in sales than the Toyopet. After going back to the drawing board, the Toyota Corona released with became a big hit in the US. Toyota rapidly began to expand the company merged with General Motors Corporation in 1986 which started US production of Toyota brand cars.Toyota has procured plants and distributors worldwide, the expansion in other industries includes manufacturing of rubber and cork materials, steel, synthetic resins, automatic looms, cotton and woolen goods.…
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