Toyota Motor Corporation : The World 's Leading Manufacturer Of Motor Vehicles

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Introduction Toyota Motor Corporation is an international company that is the largest producer of automobiles in Japan. Currently, the firm is the world 's second biggest motor vehicle dealer in relation to total assets, income, and benefits. The enterprise was established in 1937 as Toyoda Automatic Loom Works Limited. Since its conception, it has grown and expanded its operations to all continents. Its success is based on the nature of its products and manufacturing processes. In 2010, Toyota sold 7.24 million units worldwide (Toyota, 2010). This paper analysis its structure and the strategic management that have seen it grow rapidly to become the world 's leading manufacturer of motor vehicles.
Company Overview The company was started in August 1937, and its headquarters are located in Tokyo, Japan. Its primary operations revolve around vehicle manufacturing and financial management, and it is divided into three business units. The automobile department designs, manufactures, and sells of car products (Liker & Convis, 2011). The main types of cars produced by Toyota are passenger vehicles, trucks, and minivans. The finance segment manages capital services that are generated by the sales and leasing of the company 's products. The third unit designs, constructs, and sells houses alongside information and communication activities. In addition, it has two subsidiaries, namely Daihatsu Motor Company and Hino Motors Limited. The former produces compact and mini cars,…
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