Toyota Motor Corporation 's Vision

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Erica Russell
Professor Christiansen
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27 January 2015
Toyota Motor Corporation
About Toyota Toyota is one of the world biggest vehicle manufactures. Toyota creates unique vehicles ranging from SUVs, to minivans, to sports cars and more. All Toyota vehicles are created with either combustion or hybrid engines. Toyota also creates automotive parts both for company and commercial use. Some of Toyota’s well know vehicles are the Corolla, the Lexus line, the Camry and the Land Cruiser. Toyota’s biggest competitors are Ford, GM and Honda. (1)
Mission Statement Toyota Motor Corporation’s mission is to entice and gain clientele with esteemed merchandise and assistance and the most delightful proprietorship experience in America. (2)
Vision Statement Toyota Motor Corporation’s vision is to be the most prosperous and admired motor vehicle corporation in America. (2)
Organizational Structure
The current acting executives of Toyota Motor Corporation are as follows: The Chairman is Takeshi Uchiyamada. Toyota’s President and CEO is Akio Toyoda. The Executive Vice President and Representative Director is Satoshi Ozawa. Other Executive Vice Presidents include Yasumori Ihara, Nobuyori Kodaira, Seiichi Sudo, Mitsuhisa Kato and Masamoto Maekawa. Toyota’s Directors include Ikuo Uno, Yoshimasa Ishii, Mark Hogan, Koei Saga, Shigeki Terashi, Haruhiko Kato and Tokuo Fukuichi. Toyota’s other Corporate Officers are Kunihiro Matsuo, Masaki Nakatsugawa, Yoko Wake, Yoichiro Ichimaru and…
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