Toyota Motor Corporation 's Vision

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Erica Russell
Professor Christiansen
MGT 220
27 January 2015
Toyota Motor Corporation
About Toyota Toyota is one of the world biggest vehicle manufactures. Toyota creates unique vehicles ranging from SUVs, to minivans, to sports cars and more. All Toyota vehicles are created with either combustion or hybrid engines. Toyota also creates automotive parts both for company and commercial use. Some of Toyota’s well know vehicles are the Corolla, the Lexus line, the Camry and the Land Cruiser. Toyota’s biggest competitors are Ford, GM and Honda. (1)
Mission Statement Toyota Motor Corporation’s mission is to entice and gain clientele with esteemed merchandise and assistance and the most delightful proprietorship experience in America. (2)
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1 (North America, Europe and Japan), Toyota No. 2 (China, Asia & Middle East, East Asia and Oceania; Africa, Latin America & Caribbean) and Unit Center (Engine, Transmission and other “Unit”-related operations). (4)
Lexus International will proceed with its part as the Lexus global headquarters, striving for the formation of Lexus as a superior global brand with Japanese background. Toyota No. 1 and Toyota No. 2 will have executive vice presidents in control and will look over all parts of Toyota brand vehicle progress, from devising to production to sales. (4)
Unit Center will create globally challenging “unit” pieces (including major powertrain parts such as engines and transmissions). The executive vice president in control will look over all affairs from part planning to progression to production technology and duties striving towards offering products to a market in an efficient and punctual way. (4)
Reestablishment of Region Groups To upgrade merchandise and proprietorship for and in up and coming markets, the Asia and Oceania Operations Group and the Middle East, Africa and Latin American Operations Group will be shifted into the East Asia & Oceania Region, the Asia and Middle East Region, the Africa Region and
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