Essay on Toyota Organization Change

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Case Study Kehao Wang Keiser University Dr. Kalama MAN 673 Jan. 30. 2016 1. Planned Change 1A. Lewin’s Planned Change Model Explain how Lewin’s Planned Changed Model can be applied to this case. Lewin’s change management model is like change a piece of ice. First you must melt the ice to make it to change (unfreeze). Then you must mold the iced water into the form you want. Finally, you must solidify the new form (refreeze). TOYOTA is a good example. Judged by the innovations in its products, notwithstanding the Prius, we can know that an innovation product needs a new product line. Production, service, marketing, and other business processes all have change. Although the pace of innovation is very slow, but the entire…show more content…
Quantitative researchers will seek to maintain a level of control of the different variables that may influence the relationship between events and recruit respondents randomly. Quantitative data is often gathered through surveys and questionnaires that are carefully developed and structured to provide you with numerical data that can be explored statistically and yield a result that can be generalized to some larger population. Research following a qualitative approach is exploratory and seeks to explain ‘how’ and ‘why’ a particular phenomenon, or programmed, operates as it does in a particular context. As such, qualitative research often investigates 1) local knowledge and understanding of a given issue or programmed; 2) people’s experiences, meanings and relationships and 3) social processes and contextual factors (e.g., social norms and cultural practices) that marginalize a group of people or impact a program. Qualitative data is non-numerical, covering images, videos, text and people’s written or spoken words. Qualitative data is often gathered through individual interviews and focus group discussions using semi- structured or unstructured topic guides. 3. Feeding Back Diagnostic Data For questions 3A and 3B, assume the role of the organizational change/OD consultant who is assisting the organization’s leaders with the change process. Driving forces means forces that are positive, logic and reasonable. Restraining forces means
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