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Toyota Disaster Recovery Laxmi Prasanna Thipparthi Wilmington University

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Toyota’s disaster management team mission is to “maintain the optimum state of disaster preparedness through planning, preparation, training and exercise.”

Disaster Recovery
Disaster recovery is the process of an organisation uses to recover access the data, and also hardware that are needed to recollect the performance to be in normal position after a disaster occurs. While disaster recovery plans have to be focus in every aspect in any organisation and bringing the gap closure after destruction it can be like data, hardware, or software have been lost and the manpower that composes much of any organisation. Individuals are always finding ways to get around encryptions, firewalls, and other means of blocking intrusion just to destroy a company 's databases and network 's. There are some basics like offsite storage and the use of online backup that can help companies to be prepared for the worst. The data that companies handle usually equals money, and because of this data needs to be protected by backing that data up and/or duplicated off site.
So, basically this recovery must take in every organization when disaster occurred.
Toyota said its quarterly net income fell 18.5% and decline to provide full-year forecast due to flooding in Thailand. Toyota reached its net profit to 13.5 percent to 80.9 billion yen in the last three months of 2011, which occurred in massive disaster of

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