Toyota Prius Hybrid Marketing Plan

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Hybrid Cars Versus Conventional Cars Frank J. DiMauro ENVS 664-660 November 25th, 2008 Richard W. Berman 1 Hybrids, Hybrids Everywhere... As Americans become increasingly more concerned about global warming, many are making choices about the vehicles they drive based on fuel economy and tail pipe emissions. Hybrid sales have increased 313% from 84,199 cars in 2004, to 347,102 in 2007. Driving a hybrid might make people feel better for helping the environment, but is it really better for our planet? The answer it seems, is, “it depends.” It depends on who is doing the evaluating and what the criteria are. When I started this analysis, I expected to find overwhelming evidence in favor of one category or another. Instead what I found was a…show more content…
The hybrid also has an additional electric motor and batteries. The hybrid achieves 29 miles per gallon in the city and 37 miles per 3 gallon highway as compared to 25 in the city and 35 on the highway for the non hybrid. The hybrid version cost almost $10,000 more than the non-hybrid. Again, economics were not considered in the study, but the price alone should give some indication of the cars increased complexity. In 2008, Honda abandoned manufacture of the Accord Hybrid. The Backlash..... CNW’s automotive research was sold largely to the auto industry executives and companies that supply the auto industry. It wasn’t until 2005, when word got out that CNW’s annual “Dust to Dust” report listed the Hummer H3 as reportedly “better for the environment” than the Toyota Prius, that the company gained widespread attention. Environmentalists were outraged. They demanded that the details of the analysis be made public for further scrutiny. CNW is a for-profit organization that charges a fee for their analysis. They believed that publishing their calculations would open them up to competition they would rather avoid. They did disclose some information to the general public and their critics. CNW also pointed out that they never said the Hummer was better for the environment, only that it would consume less energy from a cradle to grave perspective. In fairness to CNW’s critics, the life cycle energy rating is

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