Toyota Production System (Human Infrastructure) Essay

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TOYOTA MOTOR MANUFACTURING USA Human Infrastructure Key Elements . Wayne N. Smith Quality Assurance Specialist Directorate of Contracting 9/20/2012 9/20/2012 TOYOTA MOTOR MANUFACTURING USA Human Infrastructure Key Elements TOYOTA PRODUCTION SYSTEM (TPS) The TPS model depends on its Human Infrastructure. The entire model is base on its PEOPLE & TEAMWORK being successful in doing their job and there buy in to the Key Elements of the TPS culture, which are as follows;  Selection  Ringi decision making  Common Goals  Cross-Trained TPS emphasize the point of its human infrastructure as a “COMMON GOAL” for all personnel in the corporation, which again is emphasize that its employees are its greatest assets as shown by the…show more content…
In Station Quality amplifies problem. It makes any production problem instantly self evident and stop producing whenever problems are detected. Notice that problem are not only caught were they occur with this flow process but actually because of the pulled or downstream approach that any station can find problems miss by an earlier team. This encompasses that the entire production line is responsible for each other work. To further insure that the right part was available at the right time. TPS extended this process to its supplier by using another process step HEIJUNKA (Load Leveling). This process was simply, even distribution of special products or special orders. This prevented, as quoted in the case study “…several production runs…” each dedicated to just one model or one special order. TPS defined needs and value from the viewpoint of the next station down the line that is the immediate customer. These two tools which will give the employee the ability to catch defects quickly and work to correct the problem. Shows TPS complete faith in the employee and the team to solve most problems without a supervisor. In fact TPS development of these two principles and Load Leveling exemplify the individual employee or the team ability to solve most if not all the problems in the production. These tools along with the team concept instill a level of trust between the employee and management as the individual

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