Toyota Strategy Analysis

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BUSI1271/Group case Analysis by Vikram(000745775),Armel(000753323),Le xuan(000751375),Rebecca(000718381),Many(000739533)

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 Research and development activities affect the competitive advantages of automobile manufacturers due to the important of them in production line efficiency and customer decision making.  The emerging of new technologies such as Hybrid, Artificial Intelligent (AI) and new energy sources has incredible effects on automobile manufacturing industry since those new technologies change the perception of customers on their mobility concept.


BUSI1271/Group case Analysis by Vikram(000745775),Armel(000753323),Le xuan(000751375),Rebecca(000718381),Many(000739533)

Environment factors:  The exhaustion of fossil energy sources has placed an enormous pressure on Toyota in developing replacement or hybrid engines. According to the forecast of trustworthy organization, oil sources will be exhausted in the next 50 years, gas in 60 to 70 years.  Disasters has significantly influenced on automotive industry due to revenue and performance loss caused by them.  Environment pollution rate should be involved in investment decision making procedures of car manufacturing companies since it can move the taxation, tariff and policies of governments. Legal factors:  Automotive industry is subject to various rules and regulations as well as legislation. The legislation covers areas like competition law, consumer protection and taxation, intellectual
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