Toyota Target Market and Positioning Strategy V11

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Toyota Target Market and Positioning Strategy
Learning Team A
Dan Black, Amy Giordando, Lisa Haug, Juana Hunsberger, Aundrika Wheeler
MKT575 - Strategic Marketing
March 16, 2015
Bernie Cerasaro, Instructor

Toyota Target Market and Positioning Strategy Analysis
Toyota is the largest global automotive manufacturer and has been successful targeting select markets. For success in the future, they have hired consultants to review its success. The experts will evaluate Toyota’s target market and market positioning in the global automotive industry. Target market will identify demographics, and geographics where they are successful and what changes can be implemented to achieve growth. Market positioning strategy will determine consumer
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In order to achieve the positioning strategy the organization needs to consider all aspects of the plan. Product supporting services, distribution channels, price, and promotion actions that are taken by the company are all areas that should be considered (Cravens & Piercy, 2009, Chapter 6). Toyota can use versatile and low costs processes as a means of strategic positioning. They have created an extensive product portfolio that can appeal to many different lifestyles.
Economic and environmental conditions in the market have recently changed. Consumers are electing to be eco-conscious and value oriented. With this change in the public’s response, Toyota must make changes to not only the product that is being sold but also ensure that the new product melds with their positioning strategy. Batten (2011, May 23), “Environmental changes or shifting consumer preferences often force firms to rethink their positioning strategy” (para. 9).
Toyota’s initiative to create diverse vehicles, has led to the Toyota name as recognition of a very high-quality company that produces long lasting cars. Being able to adjust its positioning strategy will give the public a notion that the company is reliable and can change its value chain instantly. The preference of consumers is constantly evolving, meaning the positioning strategy will need to be adjusted continually.
Positioning Strategy
The core of this strategy is how management wants the new product to be positioned in theeyes and minds
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