Essay on Toyota Total Quality Management

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Introduction Total Quality Management, TQM, is a method by which management and employees can become involved in the continuous improvement of the production of goods and services. This management approached originated in the 1950's and become more popular since the early 1980's is a description of the culture and attitude inside the organization that let provide customers with products and services that satisfy their needs. It needs quality in all aspects of the company's operations, with processes being done right the first time and defects and waste eradicated from operations. The aim of the combination of quality and management is increasing business and reducing losses due to wasteful practices to low cost. This method has been…show more content…
Its five values express the beliefs and values shared by the Toyota Group. All Toyota team members, at every level, are expected to use these values in their daily work and relations with others. Challenge: They maintain a long-term vision and aim to meet all challenges with the courage and creativity needed to realise that vision. Kaizen: It means looking for continuous improvement. Even its advanced improved processes are very good; they declared themselves not perfect, so improvements are always welcomed. Genchi Genbutsu: It involves going to the source to find the facts to make correct decisions, build consensus and achieve goals. Respect: Toyota respects others, makes every effort to understand others, accepts responsibility and does its best to build mutual trust. Teamwork: Toyota stimulates personal and professional growth, shares opportunities for development and maximises individual and team performance. Source: Toyota Corp website Internal customers Toyota team members treat the next person on the production line as their customer and will not pass a defective part on to that customer. Everyone is encouraged to behave as an 'internal customer' and always check the quality of the previous process. If a worker finds a defect, regardless where the source and it is not possible to repair quickly within the time cycle, he is authorised to stop the line in order to prevent the defective car
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