Toyota Under Fire: Book Summary: Toyota Under Fire

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Introduction – Summary of the Book
Toyota has always been one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world since its inception in 1937. It was Sakichi Toyoda’s personality traits that Toyota remains as the most admired company in the world. Sakichi Toyoda possessed a risk taking personality, because of which the current Toyota, which we see today has made its birth. Toyota’s legendary business model, management principles and business philosophy changed the way in which business in done by automobile industry. Concepts like “Just in Time” production, Genchi genbutsu (go and see to understand) made Toyota different from its competitors.
Things went out well for Toyota and the years 2003 to 2007 could be inferred as the most profitable years in the company’s history. But it faced a major problem in the events of recession in 2008 and the recall crisis of 2009-2010. “Toyota Under Fire” describes the recall crisis in details and provides valuable lessons and leadership techniques to survive at the time of crisis and how to turn a crisis into opportunity by three principles – i) Build strong culture long before the crisis hits, ii) culture matters far more than decisions made by top executives, iii) Investing in
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This is one of the major problems in any organization. Nobody is accountable if a group task is not done as everyone in the group is responsible. Toyota also faced the same behaviour in its employees. To avoid this tendency the company launched its own problem-solving process based on Toyota Business Practices (TBP). It helped to examine what the problems were what role the team or organization had played in causing or failing to address the problem. It also suggested what the team or organization can do to contribute to a solution to the problem that will take the company

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