Toyota Value Chain Essay

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3. Toyota’s supply chain and value chain
Toyota believes that to make high-quality vehicles, the quality of each supplier's components plays an important role. Therefore, the original philosophy of Toyota's supply chain collaboration is to reduce long-term costs by establishing long-term partnerships with suppliers instead of traditional ones. Based on this close long-term relationship, we help suppliers to build on Toyota's ever-improving thinking and culture, import Toyota's production system (TPS) to share information and knowledge, learn and pursue improvement together. Hence, Toyota invests a lot of time, and human resources efforts in the fields of purchasing, engineering, manufacturing and management, and even evaluates the selected
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Firm Infrastructure
These exercises involve strengthening an organization's strategic plan. Management Information Systems play an essential role in the design of strategic planning. Furthermore, Toyota makes excellent use of electronic operations system to make production quicker and more productive. Toyota has also strengthened its plan to further its role. Principles and concepts revealed by Toyota help improve productivity. Besides, concentrating on customer demands and preferences and make the appropriate arrangements are also part of Toyota's success.

Human Resource Department
This is the essential component of the business. Therefore, Toyota uses its powers to support and preserve its employees. Toyota has a well-coordinated and systematic production that efficiently uses the workforce. The central philosophy of human resource management is to give employees with material considerations to develop their work skills. The strength of the company to continually reward employees can also efficiently keep employees in the company without leaving. These arrangements allow employees to work in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, thereby enhancing productivity and quality to developing a competitive
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Lean manufacturing is one of the core causes of Toyota's competitive advantage. Other business exercises involve the "Jidoka" system; if there are any errors or other operational difficulties, the production process would be closed.

Outbound logistics
At the end of the complete production process, the product will be assigned to retailers and wholesalers, and finally attributed to customers. Toyota strives to deliver its products to customers on time. Thus, Toyota is very rigorous about the distribution process in the control of time but also very accurate.

Marketing and sales
Toyota puts a high emphasis on innovation and productivity of its brand. As well as the combination of own brand name and local life culture. Toyota's marketing strategy mainly uses social tools. Each ad includes functions, situations, experiences, public relations and direct marketing techniques in a company's promotions.
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