Toyota 's Accelerator Problem With Toyota

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Toyota has been one of the most trusted and dependable names in the automobile business. In late August 2009, Mark Saylor, an off duty cop, was traveling in Southern California with three of his family members, when his 2009 Lexus ES350 started to accelerate on its own. One of his family members called 911 and said the car had no brakes and they were going well over 100 mph. Mark’s car would hit another car and fall down an embankment where it would catch fire and kill everyone in the car. Investigating started and in mid the late September investigators believed the cause of the accident was wrong floor mats might have been installed in Mark Saylor’s Lexus. This was a shock to the US consumers that wrong floor mats were leading to fiery crashes. Toyota decided in late September that they were going to recall 4.2 million Toyota’s and Lexus because of faulty floor mats and sticky gas pedals. In October of 2009 the LA times published several stories that involved the accelerator problem with Toyota. There were nine separate investigating done by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), five cases that resulted in fatalities, and hundreds of complaints filed to the federal government. Toyota being one the best automobiles in the world let this go by the way side and it cost them dearly. Toyota’s information and decision making would be highly scrutinized for their insensitive and their expectations on their overseas market. Toyota’s home office was in Japan,

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