Toyota 's Business Strategy : Toyota Motor Corporation

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Scott Dinin
Mr. Ricker
15 October 2015
Toyota’s Business Strategy Toyota Motor Corporation is a company that started in its early years with humble beginnings. However, over the past 20 years or so Toyota implemented a business strategy that has marched it to the top tier of automakers around the world (Raman). Year after year, research firms have regularly posted Toyota in the upper echelon for reliability, durability, and quality (Raman). Toyota is renowned for its attention to detail, safety, and innovation for the future of automobiles. Their business model reflects this along with their obvious success over the years. Toyota Motor Corporation has become a company that other organizations should look to model themselves after in order to achieve success (Raman). Although currently a booming corporation, Toyota started out with modest beginnings. On August 28, 1937 in Aichi, Japan, the company now commonly known as Toyota Motor Company was founded by Kiichiro Toyoda (Toyota). Inspired by his father Sakichi Toyoda’s spirit to invent and the business lessons taught to him, Kiichiro set out to start his own company. In 1922, Kiichiro Toyoda had invented a new automatic loom. Along side his father, Kiichiro got approved to start his first organization, Toyoda Automatic Loom Works, Ltd. On April 26, 1926 (Toyota). After getting involved with various automobile companies such as the Japanese and American divisions of both GM and Ford, Kiichiro wanted to establish…
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