Toyota 's Current National Headquarters

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TOYOTA Managing the Move Management 343 Travis Allison: Tim Blum: Armin Demehri: Kevin Mitchell: Jake Smith: Binbin Tan: Table of contents Introduction Theoretical Framework 2.1Personnel policies 2.2Internal VS external resources Direct applicants and referrals Advertisements in newspapers and periodicals Electronic recruiting E-cruiting Career networking site Blogs Podcast Social networking Public and private employment agencies Colleges and universities 2.3Retention Methods 3.1 The Toyota way of recruitment 3.2 Employee Development Results and Data Analysis Discussion and Reflection Reference Introduction Toyota, one of the world’s largest auto manufacturers, has a problem. Their main North American subsidiary, Toyota Motor Sales, is moving. Toyota’s current national headquarters is located in Torrance, California. It was founded and built in 1957, and has resided there since then. However, in April of 2014, they announced that this headquarters would be moving to Plano, Texas.8 Reasons behind the move have been hotly discussed since the announcement, but a couple things are abundantly clear: California is a very expensive place to do business, with Los Angeles County ranking 9th most expensive in the United States by Expatistan. Additionally, Toyota has expressed its desire to

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