Toyota 's Ethics And Corporate Social Responsibility

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The purpose of this report is to examine if the reasoning behind well-known car manufacturer, Toyota’s loss of revenue and leading market position is alone as a result of extensive product recalls following a fatal crash of a Lexus ES 350 on August 28th 2009. The journal article, “Toyota Crisis: Management Issue?” (Yuanyuan Feng 2010) provides an outline of the key factors that triggered the 2009 Toyota crisis, and explores whether the fall in the company’s returns by 19% were caused purely as a result of the recall and safety concerns, or something much deeper. I am proposing that the issues affecting Toyota’s ability to rebuild cannot alone be fixed by remedying the safety and manufacturing issues, but it must also work to rebuild the company’s reputation and rebuild stakeholder trust. As outlined by Stewart (2010), Toyota ended up with a full blown crisis on its hands largely because of the delay and mediocre response from Toyota. These management practices call in to question Toyota’s ethical practices and their commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) principles. 2. Discussion: In a world where loss of reputation can mean the difference between achieving positive revenue, maintaining market position or suffering substantial losses, it has become increasingly important to not only remain at the top of your field in manufacturing and innovation but to also demonstrate sound ethical practices. In order to be seen as a valued organisation and most importantly a
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