Toyota 's Production System And How It Works With The Strategy Of Their Business

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In this paper we will discuss Toyota’s Production System and how it works with the strategy of their business. We will define their mission and visions goals and their core principles as it applies to their company. This paper will also discuss their basic approaches and general practices. It is also important to understand what the Toyota Production System entails and how Lean operations began. For instance, according to Stevenson, lean operation is a flexible system of operations that uses considerably fewer resources than a traditional system. For example, Lee’s Transportation owned by Tony and Lisa Jones, can no longer operate due to several vehicle accidents caused by their drivers. This has resulted in an increase in their insurance premiums with All State and the premiums are too expensive for them to maintain their business. This unfortunate situation has caused a great hardship and Tony and Lisa have no other option than to discharge their employees. Eventually, they coordinate with a business partner and financial advisor and are able to start their company again under a changed name, Loving Hands. They are now able to obtain insurance coverage through State Farm. The Jones’ re-hire their previous employees but with new policies and procedures implemented. They have incorporated monthly staff meetings on safety while driving, online training courses quarterly, in addition to driving classes being mandatory and held annually. Tony and Lisa executes strict policies

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