Toyota 's Quality Control Department

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Introduction I am greatly humbled by the decision to appoint me as the head of Toyota’s Quality Control Department. This is a milestone that has significantly built my morale as an member of this amazing institution. I am confidence to the situations in this institution. For instance, most of directors and staff members are not in good working mood. This is ascribed to the wrongs committed by the past leadership of this department. More so, am aware of the general goals of this corporate body. Among them is provision of top-notch services and goods to our clients. In addition, our company has the aspirations to not only rise to the top but also maintain its position at the top. From the above facts, it is clear that much is needed to be…show more content…
Therefore, there is a need to get more personnel to have a close supervision. This is the only way to spot subtle mistakes that may be executed in the lower departments. Basically, I will make a few additions of personnel in my department. Expectations from other departments Unity is a key element in any mode of working. Without this crucial element, there cannot be any progress. Being a new vice president of this corporation, it is my desire to receive utter cooperation from other departments. The heads of these departments should be ready to take in my instructions as well as critiques. More so, they should implement the policies that I will set. Communication is paramount in this kind of organization. Through communication, issues affecting the departments or the entire corporate body can be addressed with less ado. Therefore, my major request from other departments is total cooperation as far as the aforementioned issues are concerned. Training The rate of competition from other motor companies is accruing on a daily basis. In that light, there is a need to subject members of all departments to a consistent training schedule. This is the only viable strategy to ensure that our company remains in congruent to the ever changing technology. Therefore, the training program will be set to run as from June this year. To prevent any distortion of activities in the company, training will be carried out in stages. A few
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