Toys And Its Effect On Children 's Toys

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Toy Store In today’s society, toys that children play with have an affect on their future roles. Toys teach children what they are expected to do in society as they grow older. Gender roles are one of the biggest factors in children’s toys. Within minutes of a baby being born, they are wrapped in either a pink or blue blanket depending on their sex. Blue and pink are the two colors that are used to define a child’s gender. Toys play an important role on children’s lives and it teaches them what it means to be a boy or a girl. Toy manufacturers reflect stereotypes through design and advertising and impact the socialization of most children. In the large corporation of Toys “R” Us, toys are marketed in all different ways, mainly by gender. In the front of the store, on the right side, there is a section made all for Legos. In the middle, the American Girl Doll section stands out tremendously right in the front. On the left front side of the store, there are all electronics. Legos, American Girl Dolls, and electronics are the most popular and most expensive types of toys that children love to play with. These eye-catching toys are right in the front so it is like a magnet for children. Throughout the rest of the store, there are many aisles that specify where other toys are. The aisles that stood out most were on the left side of the store. These aisles were split in half showing one side that said “fashion dolls” and the other “action figures.” The aisle right next to that
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