Tps Terms And Application For Toyota Motor Manufacturing

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TPS Terms and Application
As identified in the Introduction, TPS has twelve principles, in addition to the guiding ideologies of “Just-In-Time” production and “Jidoka,” (Toyota Motor Manufacturing, 2015). Defined herein, are eight of the fourteen doctrines of TPS:
1) Andon is a Project or Program Management tool that provides stakeholders with aggregate information on the state of business processes, utilized to identify deficiencies and improve quality (Toyota Motor Manufacturing, 2015).
2) Hijunka is the technique to identify, for each production line, the appropriate quantity of products to produce to eliminate waste caused by interruptions in change the quantity and types of products produced on a production line (Toyota Motor Manufacturing, 2015).
3) Hoshin is the annual strategic planning performed by senior leaders, and includes objectives and metrics, assessed to determine performance (Toyota Motor Manufacturing, 2015).
4) Jidoka is the main tool used to ensure quality assurance of products, through business interruption mechanisms that halts production and provides the opportunity to correct deficiencies, before defective products can contaminate the product line (Toyota Motor Manufacturing, 2015).
5) Just-In-Time is the assessment of product production time and immediate resource requirements to conduct uninterrupted product production within a prescribed period (Toyota Motor Manufacturing, 2015).
6) Kanban is the tool used to direct Just-In-Time production…

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