Tqm 5 Performance Objectives

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Q a) Explain the 5 performance objectives. Discuss these with the help of a real life example of a process involving products & services, and analyze how the process can be improved upon?
b) Illustrate your chosen process with the help of a transformation model.

Answer a) "Many methodologies and techniques for improving operational performance have been developed over the years – these provide structured ways of improving company performance, but they do not explicitly tell us where to start. To be able to improve performance effectively, it is important to identify the particular factors of performance to work with. Furthermore, it is important to find those factors that have a high impact on performance." (www.emeraldinsight.com)
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Alternatively, a touch screen with the patron's picture and order record for each of the cars currently in the drive-through, and when the order is complete, the presenter would tap the photo on the touch screen indicating the order has been filled and the photo record would be removed from the system. This system will help shave about eight seconds from the order to delivery time. Besides order accuracy, it will also aid in speeding up the drive-thru process and address customer courtesy issues. Specific benefits to this system include easy installation and implementation with existing QSR (Quick Serve Rest) drive-through installations; minimal ongoing support required; limited risk of hardware loss/damage; increased employee safety; fully supported in multi-language settings; and continues to provide the customer an opportunity to review the menu!" (www.freepatentsonline.com) People will be uncomfortable: with the idea, that they're being photographed every time they make a quick stop for a double cheeseburger with fries. Though, it's a "non-invasive" procedure & the photos aren't stored in the system. They're deleted as soon as the order is completed. A lot of restaurants already have surveillance cameras on their premises that photograph people. Another trouble is that it will be costly for McDonalds to implement this system. But then again, it will show good results
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