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A-1 TQM Principles and Performance Measures Q1. Carry out an analysis consisting of the following steps: 1. Select an organization that produces products or delivers a service. 2. Study the organization structure, particularly the quality-related structure. 3. Review various TQM characteristics discussed in class. 4. Develop a tabular format and analyze all applicable TQM characteristics of the organization. Develop a rating scale to estimate the level of applicability of each TQM characteristic to the organization. 5. Discuss your finding and provide conclusion on the state of TQM in the organization. Q2. Exercise No. 4 on pg. 151 Give an example of the use of the PDSA cycle in your personal…show more content…
There were many customers that required information from the data that was collected in the dyno cell. These customers were design and release engineers, program management and chief engineers. Benchmarking was also a key part of the plan were we measured other competitors diesel engines which allowed us to clearly understand what hardware would be required to meet projected targets. There were some issues with the testing process that needed to be implemented in order for expectations to be met. An example was the fact that combustion testing was defined properly for us to map the combustion noise over a various loads and speeds of the engine. The solution was for the engine to be mapped incrementally by 10% load increases. The overall goal for the engine was to have world class NVH and with this process in place we were able to identify what speed and load regions would require calibration improvements. The do cycle was implemented when we had an issue w/ the crank pulley making noise. This required CAE to analyze various pulley designs and quantify there improvements. Then we picks two designs and modified some pulleys and tested them on the engine to see if the same level of NVH improvement was realized. An example where the study cycle was used was when we had to solve an injector tick issue. We collected near field data on the fuel system
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