Tqm Gurus and Tqm Framework

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TQM framework begins with the knowledge provided by gurus of quality followed their contributions to the development of principles and practices and the tools and techniques. Some of these principles and practices along with the tools and techniques are used in the product/service realization activity. Feedback from internal/external customers or interested parties provides information to continually improve the organization’s system, product and services.

TQM Framework
Correlation of the blocks of TQM framework with that of the thoughts of Quality Gurus:

1. Principles and Practices

People and Relationship:

Dr. W. E. Deming summarized his views on management and its relationship with quality in his 14 points for
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Crosby stressed that efforts to improve quality more than pay for themselves because these costs are prevented. Therefore, quality is free. Like Deming and Juran, Crosby stressed the role of management in the quality improvement effort and the use of statistical control tools in measuring and monitoring quality.

Failure Mode & Effect analysis

Products & Service Liability
Deming in his chain reaction had stressed about capturing the market with better quality and low price.

Total Productive Maintenance
Management Tools

Statistical Process Control
Alfredo Pareto found some unequal distribution of wealth in Europe. So he developed a graph which is used to identify the most important problem, based on ranks data classifications in descending order from right to left is done. This is called Pareto diagram which is applicable to problem identification and the measurement of progress.
Dr. Kaoru Ishikawa developed the Cause & Effect diagram which is a picture composed of lines and symbols designed to represent a meaningful relationship between an effect and its cause. C&E diagrams are used to investigate either a ‘bad’ effect and to take action to correct the cause or a ‘good’ effect and to learn those cause that are

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