Tqm Model and Methodology

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TQM Model/Methodology
Total Quality Management (TQM), is a philosophy that focuses on quality and customer satisfaction. Being an expert in TQM gives numerous opportunities for me to show organizations how to effectively use TQM models. In my present job, I will determine and select a Total Quality method to present to an organization for the incorporation into the strategic planning process. The model will need to be compatible with current organizational strategic plans and increase internal and external customer quality. The chosen method will also benefit the organization financially, effectively, and efficiently while still serving the need of TQM.
TQM Models
There are various models available for an organization to choose from.
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In order for CQI to be completely embraced by the organizations internal and external customers, the organization must completely commit to the change.
Assuring the employees that the reasons for the changes are valid, explaining the benefits of utilizing CQI, and showing confidence in the new process will help to phase out the old for the new. Keeping communication lines open can also help. By making sure that communication flows both ways can help ensure the success of the implementation.
Implementation requires that the organizations mission, vision, goals, and objectives coincide. Strategic planning must be consulted and considered when implementing CQI because if there is conflict, customer satisfaction will suffer. After making certain that the implementation of CQI will not conflict with the organizations strategic plans, a hand on approach will be taken to identify goals and objectives. Collection of data will show the areas where there is currently low quality and who is affected. Then the problem will be defined and researched to understand how it originated. Research will also show where and when the problem happens and how often the problem occurs. By answering these questions, there will be a better course on understanding how to solve the problem.
Next, the organization will set into motion CQI making an outline to reach the goals and objectives. Team members will
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