Tqm in Ford

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Contents 1. ABSTRACT --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2 2. Introduction --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3 3. What is TQM? --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4 4. Why TQM? --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5 5. TQM in Ford --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6 * TQM at Ford motor company ------------------------------------------------------- 6 * TQM is revisited ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 6 *…show more content…
2004 TQM in Ford Ford Motor Co. made "Quality Is Job 1" a household slogan in the 1980s as it introduced revolutionary new products and used Total Quality Management to drive down costs and capture market share. Lately, however, the No. 2 automaker has been plagued by quality gaffes that have cost it dearly in customer satisfaction and market share. In fact, according to a recent J.D. Power & Associates survey, Ford has fallen behind arch-rival General Motors Corp. in overall quality and now ranks last among the big-seven automakers. TQM at Ford motor company Today at Ford Motor Company, their most popular slogan is ―Ford Has a Better Idea. Back in the 1980s when Ford Motor Company total quality management practices were vast, the slogan of ―Quality Is Job 1‖ made more sense. In a conversation with Dan Dobbs, a Six Sigma Master Black Belt at Ford, it was noted that TQM may have worked in the 1980s, but Six Sigma is the project management methodology of choice these days. When TQM, a process improvement methodology based on a customer satisfaction
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