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In a fast-changing world and in a turbulent automotive industry in particular, Honda seeks to remain compact and efficient. With PQM Honda has introduced a company approach that is based on systematic methods and which aims to achieve excellent results through a focus on customers, continual quality improvement, and participation by everybody. Honda’s goal is to improve the feasibility and to strengthen the presence of Honda in the world automotive market.

The Honda story begins in 1948 when they began by producing an auxiliary engine equipped bicycle. From those humble beginnings Honda has grown to become one of the world’s automotive giants rivalled only by Toyota in terms of global profitability. I visited their
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As of March 2010, 40 out of 42 Honda production facilities around the world have attained ISO certification, and the two remaining facilities—both new—are engaged in the certification process.

The G-HQS is designed to enhance the quality of Honda-brand products manufactured and sold worldwide. By ensuring that all facilities comply with these standards, we can better facilitate the interoperation of quality assurance systems at different worksites, contributing to quality assurance not only in production activities, but also in distribution and service.

*1 ISO 9001: An international quality control and quality assurance standard
*2 ISO/TS16949: An international quality management system standard for the automotive industry

Recall System & other measures

Honda strives to assure safety, prevent pollution, and address other hazards by operating a recall system designed to prevent accidents and protect users of automobiles and other products and by taking other actions to comply with applicable laws.

When Honda determine that product issue requires action, they quickly report the issue to governmental authorities in accordance with individual countries' regulations and contact owners by means of direct mail from dealers or by telephone to provide information about how they can receive free repairs. Associated information is also provided on Honda's website and through the news media as necessary.

A Quality Committee is quickly

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