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Four men from Lawrence were arrested Sunday after a state trooper discovered roosters that had just come from a cockfight in their car, said police

Sunday around 1:45 a.m., a state trooper pulled over a gray 2003 Honda Accord on Route 84 for failure to move over for an ambulance. Inside were four men and police said the trooper witnessed them shoving something under the seat. The trooper had noticed a sticker on the back of the car that read "TRABA 24K" with a silhouette of a rooster.

As the trooper stood by the accord's window, he was a bag under one of the seats moving and he heard noises coming from it, said police. He then radioed for backup.

Police said the four people were taken out of the car; the trooper has hens at his own home and recognized chicken noises coming from the bags.
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The animals were poor condition, with the roosters missing all the feathers below the neck and chest area. They also were covered with gouges on their bodies.

Police said that also inside the Accord was a bag containing several rolls of medical tape, nail files, a block of wax, long sharp acrylic talon, pictures of a rooster and a container of styptic powder which is used to stop bleeding.

Information indicates that the men had been participating in a New Jersey cockfight, said police.

The four men have been identified as 26-year-old Winton Hernandez, 54-year-old Cesareo Ruiz, 22-year-old William Morales and 23-year-old Erick Lora-Lopez, all from Lawrence. All four were charged with animal cruelty, animal fight and conspiracy. In addition, the driver, Hernandez, was charged with obstructing an emergency vehicle.

The birds were taken to Tufts Veterinary Hospital in Grafton where they are being treated. All four men were transported to the State Police Barracks in Sturbridge where they were booked and later released on $500 bail
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