Trace: A Narrative Fiction

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It was a good, sunny summer day. My friends Sara, Trace, and Juan are waiting for me at the REC when school lets out. It had been a long day of AP classes and dealing with general high school annoyances, so I was looking to unwind. We were bored, so we decided on heading towards a spot off of Ray Hubbard Lake to smoke. As we are sitting by the lake, sun beaming on our heads, everyone talks about their day. Everyone is in a great mood, it seems like it will be a good day. However a darker, unknown reality lurks in shadows, waiting for the right time to present itself. The topic turns to coming up with ideas as to what we’re going to do that night. Sara states, “My house will be empty tonight,” so that makes choosing something to do very…show more content…
My bed is set up with pillows positioned like a body in bed. A younger me would be feeling the adrenaline pumping through his body right now, however this is now almost routine. As Trace’s car comes into view from the end of the street, there is a feeling of excitement that overwhelms me. The night already has a sense of euphoria around it, my belief at the time is it is due to the incredible night that’s about to begin; oh how wrong that is. Trace lets me know he’s there, so it’s the highly anticipated moment of climbing out the window and sneaking to the car. Waiting in the car is Trace, Sara, and Juan. “Whats up guys, y’all ready to get lit!” is exclaimed as I’m entering the car. The musics blasting and the bass is rumbling throughout my body as we head back to Sara’s…show more content…
You know that feeling when your stomach extends about 30 feet deeper because you know your life is over, no? Well this is the feeling of having to look into your mother’s eyes knowing you fucked up. My last moments of freedom are used to think back to all the happy times, these thoughts are all the past though because the only thing in my future is darkness and sadness. As I’m escorted past all my friends, my face is a color similar to that of raw meat. It’s difficult to think of a more embarrassing moment in my life, the feeling of everyone’s eyes beaming on me is petrifying. The emotion of grief turns my limbs to weights and head resembles the heat of a furnace. Not only is this the most embarrassing moment of my life, there is the realization my skin may never see the light of day again, developing a vitamin D deficiency. The anxiety makes it seem like everyone is giving me a weird look, they probably
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