Trace Of Political Parties From Conception Through Civil War

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Trace of Political Parties from Conception through Civil War Since 1787, there has been constant competition for promoting political ideals in this nation. These groups are known as Political Parties. From the big political parties to the small parties, they all have a part in history. The use of these political parties is traced from conception up until the civil war.
In the late 1700’s, the political party known as The Federalists doubted the United States would become a great commercial power. The Federalist dominated the new government. According to the book, “Although no one welcomed them, the political parties gradually took shape” (Brands, H.W., Breen, T.H., Williams, B.H., and Gross, A.J. 170). The federalist encouraged a very rapid integration of the United States into a world economy, but however avid they were about capitalism, the Federalist nor the Republicans did not trust the people or local government to do the job adequately. They insisted on a modern economy, which would require a strong national society. In 1887, Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and James Madison wrote The Federalist. The name implied that the new government wouldn’t be a drastically different from the old government. It would still be a federal government, one in which the states would share power with the central government. These claims frightened persons who came to identify themselves as Jeffersonian’s, Republicans, or the anti-federalist.
The anti-federalist were very suspicious of…
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