Track And Football Similarities

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Many people don’t understand every aspect of what goes, or what is happening in every sport. Yet, when it comes down to each sports there are many aspects that strike as similar, but there are also many differences. The sports of football and track are both sports that I have experience with and understand every aspect of the sport. There are many similarities and differences between the two sports of football and track which define them and make them understandable.
These sports may seem like polar opposites but the similarities between the two are endless. The similarities include the individual battle to the team aspect of the sport. The event of throwing in track is very individualized since its only you that steps into the ring.
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Starting with the simplest of differences; in track you throw a sixteen-pound ball while in football the ball is about one pound. The implement that is used in track is a sphere that has is a little bit larger than your palm. While in football the ball is an inflated, elongated oval that has points at each end of the ball. Also in football, with the position that I play, I can’t legally carry the ball while in track I have to throw the implement. With one of the similarities between track and football being the team aspect, but the difference is that track is all individual events while football is one big event. Track is a sport that has individuals fill roles in a single event, but football has a team of eleven players working together all at once. Another difference between the two sports is how points are acquired. In football you are able to acquire points at any time throughout the event. You can score point such as one point, two points, three points, or six points depending on how your team decides to score. On the other hand, in track it’s only after each event is over, and the points are awarded to which place you get in your event. First place gets ten points and the point decrease the worse you place in your event. Also you score points as a team working together in football, and on the other hand in track you score points individually which add up to a team’s score.
Between football and track the lists of similarities and differences are endless. The comparison between the sports doesn’t make one better than the next, it just helps understand it. Finding and understanding the differences between the two sport help many realize what is happening and how each sport is
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