Track And Resolve Pending And Potential Issues

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track and resolve pending and potential issues. They can rapidly see issue regions, drill down into the elements, and resolve issues. As described by Rodgers (2015) specific vendors such as Oracle Global Inventory carry specific features such as follows: • Inbound Receipts: The flow of inbound materials is streamlined by providing centralized, proactive monitoring mechanisms that efficiently manage both expected receipts, in-transit and received lines by supplier and type of document. Receiving agents are guided through prescribed receiving, inspection and put-away tasks ensuring receipts are processed quickly and easily, and exceptions are promptly identified and resolved. • Inventory Balances: Access to inventory, replenishment and counting tasks are arranged in a central inventory work area to simplify management of materials within and across facilities. From the centralized view of balances, users can easily see and manage different material statuses, lots and serial numbers enabling proper stocking and handling of different types of materials. Additionally, users can initiate issue, receipt, count and transfer of material within a facility and across facilities. • Inventory Classification: Classification of materials is simplified by offering a variety of ABC valuation methods allowing for effective counting of different types of materials. Based upon flexible approvals and controls, managers can identify problem products or handling within the facility. • Consigned
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